Anna Hibiscus’ Song

6174PyfrxvL._SY300_by Atinuke and Lauren Tobia. Kane Miller Book Club (2012)

Summary: Written by a Nigerian storyteller, this book tells of little Anna Hibiscus, a girl that is so happy she can’t contain herself! The more Anna Hibiscus talks to her mother and father and grandfather and grandmother and aunties and cousins about how happy she is, the more her happiness grows! So there’s only one thing to do…Sing about it! Note: this book is first in a series of Anna Hibiscus picture book tales (she’s also in easy readers)). Love the bright and happy theme of this book, it’s so childlike and joyous.

Uses:  Wonderful for storytime and children could pick out on a map where Africa is. Also, the song that Anna makes up at the end can be sung to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Mary Had a Little Lamb or Skip to my Lou. Or, just ask kids to make up their own happiness song!

Awards: CCBC Choices award and the Best Children’s Books of the Year Bank Street College award.

Borrowed from the Knoxville Public Library.


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